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                              Guangdong Huati Sports
                              Facilities Co., Ltd.
                              中文版 | English

                              Artificial lawn series

                              Related information

                              Contact us

                              Guangdong Huaxi Sports Facilities Co., Ltd.

                              Contact person: Miss Tang

                              Service hotline: 400-116-3158

                              E-mail: 3317987542@qq.com

                              Company Address: No. 591, Guangqi 7th Road, Zhongluotan, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

                              Factory Address: No. 10, Wangding Road, Dalong Industrial Park, Huadong Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou

                              Leisure grass

                              • Landscape leisure grass The general structure is made of grass-like synthetic fibers, which are implanted on the woven base fabric, and the back is coated with a fixed coating for artificial turf on the sports field, the garden floor and t...
                              • Consultation hotline:400-116-3158
                              • product details

                              Landscape leisure grass The general structure is made of grass-like synthetic fibers, which are implanted on the woven base fabric, and the back is coated with a fixed coating for artificial turf on the sports field, the garden floor and the green ground.
                              The raw material is mainly polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride and polyamide can also be used. The leaves are green with grass-like leaves and UV absorbers are added.
                              The artificial turf has the advantages of bright appearance, green and vivid seasons, good drainage performance, long service life and low maintenance cost. The product features bright appearance, green and vivid seasons, good drainage performance, long service life and low maintenance cost.
                              Product color

                              Applicable scope Garden, community, villa, leisure area, roof, exhibition hall, school, kindergarten activity area, etc. product structure

                              Construction process
                              Construction process:
                              Clean up the site → spread the lawn → lawn lap joint → spread seam belt → brush glue splicing → lawn trimming → paving acceptance
                              The main construction process is as follows:
                              1. Check the entire turf field, whether the basic compactness and flatness meet the requirements, and then start to spread the artificial turf.
                              2. Measure the line on the entire site, determine the position of the course line and mark it, mark it with ink of different colors, and determine the laying direction and position of the artificial turf.
                              3. Start laying artificial turf: splicing the splicing belt on the turf joint surface and fixing it with steel nails. The steel nail head should not be raised, and the joint area should be overlapped and overlapd by more than 10cm.
                              4. Apply glue to the joint interface. Before the glue dries, cut and join the cut lawn so that each artificial lawn is tightly bonded.
                              5. After the laying is completed, it is necessary to carefully check whether the bonding of each joint area is smooth, and whether the artificial grass is firmly bonded. After the inspections meet the requirements, the next step can be carried out.
                              6. Cut off the green artificial turf at the position where the white line needs to be inserted, insert it into the joint belt, and apply glue on it, then insert the cut white artificial grass course line into the course line marked before the paving. The position is bonded to the splicing tape.
                              7. After the completion of the laying, the inspection will be terminated.
                              Artificial turf maintenance rules:
                              First, the basic requirements
                              1 Keep the venue clean
                              2 erect a “no smoking” sign around the grass
                              3 Motor vehicles and heavy objects do not enter the sports grounds
                              4 Reduce the number of cleanings to avoid cleaning at high temperatures
                              5 Set enough trash cans
                              6 Control the use of the venue
                              7 small damage should be repaired in time
                              Second, cleaning and maintenance
                              1 After the game, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the paper, the shell and other debris in time.
                              2 Combine the grass seedlings with a special brush every two weeks to remove dirt and leaves from the lawn.
                              3 Flatten the quartz sand or rubber pellets once a month or after frequent matches with a special tweezers.
                              4 Dust on the turf, washed out when it rains, or washed manually.
                              5 When the summer is hot, you can cool the lawn with water to make the athletes cool and comfortable.
                              Third, the removal of stains
                              Rain is your best cleaner for sports lawns. Rain can gently clean away dust, pollen and scattered contaminants from grass fibers. The most needed cleaning of artificial turf is to timely remove the garbage generated by the site during use. It is easier to clean the paper, peanut shells, melon seeds, tape, etc. with a vacuum cleaner after the game.
                              1 “Watery” stains such as juice, milk, ice cream, blood stains, etc., first scrub with soapy water, then rinse the area with soapy water with water for a long time; if necessary, use a towel with strong water absorption to dry.
                              2 Shoe polish, suntan lotion, ball-point pen oil, etc., can be wiped with a sponge and rubbed with perchloroethylene, and blotted with a towel with strong adsorption.
                              3 Paraffin, tar and asphalt, wipe with force or use a sponge to rub with perchloroethylene.
                              4 Nail polish, wipe with acetone.
                              5 Paints, paints, etc., can be wiped with turpentine or paint remover, and decontaminated with detergent and water. Rinse the cleaner with cold water and wipe it with force. Wipe with perone with a sponge.
                              6 chewing gum, which can be sprayed into small pieces with Freon and then the residue is removed.
                              7 Fungi or mildew, pour 1% hydrogen peroxide into water, and thoroughly soak with water after wiping.
                              Fourth, check and repair
                              1. Carefully check whether the seam is loose, and whether the bottom of the whole turf is damaged, torn, or burned. Large repairs should be promptly contacted by the paving company.
                              2 The scouring and cleaning of heavy rain will cause a small loss of filler. Where you need to fill, you can sprinkle some quartz sand, rubber particles, and sweep into the turf.
                              V. Prohibitions
                              1 Smoking, fireworks and fireworks, welding;
                              2 Throw in chewing gum, peel snacks, juice drinks, oil stains, etc.
                              3 Vehicles, motorcycles and other vehicles and heavy objects enter the site;
                              4 use of shoes, sports equipment such as spikes, javelins, etc.;
                              5 Use chemical cleaners, herbicides or herbicides.
                              Service Guarantee ◆ Warranty Period
                              The product provided by our company has a warranty period of 3 years, and the company is responsible for lifetime maintenance of the user.
                              ◆ Warranty scope
                              Cracking and foaming (from natural wear and tear, human damage, basic natural expansion and contraction, and external irresistible factors are not covered by the warranty)
                              ◆ Warranty period
                              If there is any problem in the sports venue, the user should notify the company in writing, and the company will solve the problem and repair it within three days (bad weather delay).
                              ◆ Outside the warranty period
                              If maintenance is required, the company actively supports the use of the unit and only charges the corresponding material fee.
                              ◆ In case of human damage and natural disasters, the company is responsible for repairing and charging the corresponding materials.

                              Friendship link

                              Copyright © Guangdong Huaxi Sports Facilities Co., Ltd.    Technical support:Tuo Ke Technology    Address: No. 10 Wangding Road, Dalong Industrial Park, Huadong Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou   
                              WeChat consulting
                              WeChat consulting
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